Costs of Preventative Care

At Proven Dental we strive to provide solutions for all your family's dental needs.


In Wisconsin, the cost of two routine hygiene appointments, dental exams and a set of digital images (necessary for comprehensive and accurate dental diagnosis) averages $ 26 per month (2013 Schenck Dental Fee Survey). This is less per month than the average cellphone bill of $ 63 per month (2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Expenditure Survey).

While twice yearly insurance payment toward the cost of teeth cleaning is common, this actually has no relationship to what a patient might really need.  Many patients need cleanings more frequently.  People who have heavy plaque and calculus buildup are prime candidates for more frequent cleanings.  Also people who are generally healthy but have certain types of systemic conditions, such as diabetes, or those taking specific medications, may require more frequent cleanings.

Proven Dental will help patients make their oral health a priority with treatment plans and payment options: cash, check, debit card, personal credit card, and Care Credit are available. If you have any questions or concerns surrounding insurance, please do not hesitate to ask us.